Creating Your Sanctuary

What If?

June 14, 2023 Katie Sanders Episode 118
Creating Your Sanctuary
What If?
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Where do your dreams and goals start? How about with a "what if..."

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0:01 Hi, this is Katie and thank you for joining me on the My Senses, My Space podcast. And this is a podcast about feeling the world intensely, creating time to evaluate your needs and planning your space and life to fit you.
0:17 And today I wanted to talk about what if. And I think this is what courage is made out of. When we give ourselves the space and time to dream, to examine, to strategize, to come up with just what if ideas.
0:41 It allows us to think of new things maybe we've never thought of before. It can be, what if this next step is the best thing I've ever done in my life?
0:56 What if this next chance that I'm taking? Can totally transform what I've been wanting to achieve? What if I'm wrong about something as in, what if I thought this one thing has always been holding me back and it hasn't?
1:17 Maybe it's just the idea that's holding me back and not the actual. Thing. What if I tried something new today, whether it's trying a new food or drink or something all the way up to trying to research a new place to take classes and expand your mind and go to school and completely change your whole
1:46 life. What if you weren't as afraid as you are right now? What if some of those fears could be alleviated to be talked through to get support with?
2:01 And realize maybe they're not as scary as they might seem? What if something is on the horizon that you don't even know is going to happen yet?
2:14 That is going to be just oh so wonderful, like the color of honey or a sunset. Or something that's just going to make you feel warm inside?
2:26 What if someone really cares more than you think? What if they like really want to support you through something really hard?
2:39 What if they want to be there as you think? Did you transform yourself? What if this one split decision leads you down a path that opens up new doors for you and others?
3:00 What if this new collaboration is going to inspire a new mo movement or moment in history? What if the magic that you have inside of you needs the door to open so it can come out?
3:19 What if you sat down and just let yourself experiment for an hour for five minutes, four day? What if you took that trip, the one that you've always been meaning to go on?
3:37 What if you set up a savings? Plan and I know that might sound kind of mundane, but if it's something you've always struggled with, maybe now is a cool time to try like the smallest baby steps for that because I know that once that accumulates, you can feel more at ease.
4:06 I know cause I've done it. Even the smallest amount helps. It's those types of freedoms, those opening of doors, those next steps to the unknown.
4:23 That can feel oh so scary and oh so transformative. And what if you had the power to make that all happen.
4:38 A lot of my life I try to look for signs and and sometimes signs aren't enough. So I personally see signs all the time around me now.
4:52 I am constantly looking at your clocks and seeing one one one two two two three three all those like it is uncanny how much that's happening.
5:03 But what does that really mean? I live my life to see the coincidences, to see the luck, to see the hope that I have that I can make happen.
5:20 And from me taking those next steps, the scariest ones on this planet, the most risk that you can take or the least risk you can take, but knowing in your heart that is the right thing to do.
5:40 It can create things in your life that you've always dreamed of. Or if it doesn't quite match your dreams, which, okay, let's be frank, we can't picture exactly what's in our head and manifest it exactly in front of us.
6:02 There's always going to be, a version of it that comes along that you create yourself, that you have built, that you have made happen.
6:17 It's going to be a profound experience when you step, into that goal being finished. And it all starts with a what if.
6:34 Every single goal you've had in your life, where does it come from? Where was that moment of inception, that creation point?
6:44 That like beginning, usually it starts with a, Hmm, what if I study for my master's? What if I took that trip?
6:56 What if I had a family? What if I loved somebody? What if I loved myself? What if I had hope for that next thing to come?
7:14 That's what I have for you today. I know it's a little profound, but I think there's so much value and possibility in the question.
7:24 Of what if, and it's up to you to come up with the words after that. Now, all of those what ifs can create quite the pile, right?
7:35 And a lot of them don't happen, but the ones that do started with a what if. So thank you for joining me on the My Senses, My Space podcast.